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August 2008

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I've never really gotten why there are so many people who hop on bandwagons. Yeah, I understand that once teams start doing well and winning games and championships that it's easier to root for them. Then you always have the fact that they won the latest Superbowl or World Series to back up the reason you "like" them. But I still don't get it! Loving sports isn't about your team always winning. It's about loving a team whether they win or lose... because they're your team! I grew up by Seattle, and I have always been a Mariners fan. And we'd always go to the games at the Kingdome and listen to the broadcast on the radio. I grew up to the sound of Dave Niehaus yelling over those airwaves. And then one year, the Mariners were amazing. I remember it like it was yesterday. The 1995 season was one you'd always dream of. I'd listen to the games hoping that my favorites, like Joey Cora and Ken Griffey Jr., would turn out an amazing performance. And more likely than not, they did. I lived through years of the Mariners being one of the best teams in the AL West. And I was always a fan. I was there with them when they just couldn't get to the playoffs. I was with them when they won a record-setting 116 wins in one season in 2001. I was with them through the Griffey Era. And I'm still with them through the Ichiro Era. The fact that I'm still with them, even if they're the worst team in the American League right now, shows that I love them. And do you know how much better it feels when a team you truly, deeply love and admire wins?! It is the best feeling in the world, hands down. If you just love whichever team is winning, all the so-called happiness you feel when they win is fake. If you don't know what loss and agony feels like, then the joy of winning means nothing! You have to stick to a team that you can love your whole life and be with them through it all. Hey, maybe one day the Mariners will end up winning a World Series. And the joy of that will be so overwhelming because I stuck with them through their worst. Just like I stuck with Boston when they just couldn't seem to win an ALCS title. That's why 2004 was so much more enjoyable for me than some other schmuck who hopped on the bandwagon after '04. And every year the Twins would claim their division, it would mean so much more to be than some guy who "loved" them just because Johan got a Cy Young and Morneau got MVP. So that's why it makes no sense to me about bandwagons. All those people out there who love the Red Sox just because they've won the World Series two times in the past four seasons, or the people who love the Yankees just because they have won more championships than any other team, or the Tom Brady/ Patriots lovers who love 'em just because of their rings; this is to you. This is to the fact that you have no idea how it feels to truly enjoy sports. You go around thinking you're the best just because you are like all those other nobodies who jump on with you. Just so you know, you're not.


True that, Evan! I are see where you be comin' from, yar.