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August 2008

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Girls and Sports

As a female myself, I can't criticize other chicks that love sports. But there is a difference between loving the sport itself and looking for sexy men to ogle over. And if you know me at all, you're probably cracking up right now. Yeah, yeah, it's true. I love me some professional athletes. But like I said, there's a difference between loving the sport (and you might as well enjoy the athletes while you're at it) and claiming yourself a true fan in the hopes of getting knocked up by a sports star. It just downright infuriates me when I see girls that know nothing about baseball or football that say crap like, "OMG I love Tom Brady because he's so ripped. And he's good at throwing the, er, cow skin or whatever! Blah blah blah. And Alex Rodriguez is so sexy! He hits a lot of house-run thingys... right?" If you're a girl who can tell me the division standings in the majors right now and let me know that you aren't just a bimbo that goes for jocks, then you're alright in my book. For real. My best friend, Elena, is a complete maniac when it comes to pro athletes. She's all about Scott Kazmir, Patrick Kerney, Grady Sizemore, Jed Lowrie, and the list goes on... for a while! But the reason why it doesn't annoy me one bit is because she's a true sports fan! Yeah, she can text me after Sizemore (or according to her, "More-size") hits a homerun and say, "OH MY GOSH, he is so sexy! I love it when he hits homeruns! Woo!" I just laugh and text back, "Yeah, we know Elena..." The reason why she can act like that and I could care less is because she can also tell me how many homeruns he has on the season, who's before and after him in the homerun standings of the AL, his batting average, and how he did during the game! She's a true Indians fan; a true sports fan! And it's the same with me. When Kevin Slowey was on the mound earlier this week, I was freaking out about how sexy he was because he kept striking out guys. But I also know that his 12 K's that game was a career high for him! I knew that before, he had only averaged 4 strikeouts a game and that it was his 10th win. Yeah, I guess it's true that you can look up all of this on the internet. But I'm straight-up. I don't eff around, especially when it comes to sports. Of course I don't know everything about sports. I'm not saying that I do. But if you want to be a chick that "loves" pro athletes and not annoy the hell out of me, then you have know and love the sport itself. Please, respect the players and don't just go after their meat like they're livestock. Recognize them for what they really are, amazing athletes.