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August 2008

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2008 Cy Young Awards

To me, it's absolutely obvious who should get the AL Cy Young Award. Roy Halladay is just nowhere near as dominant as Cliff Lee this season. Cliff Lee is on a losing team, and he still has 18 wins (he's going for his 19th later today). Toronto has a winning record and much more run support and a solid defense to back Halladay up. Of late, Cleveland hasn't struggle as much in the offensive department thanks to a man named Grady Sizemore, who's really showing his true colors. But their defense is something that's completely falling apart. Yet, whenever Cliff Lee steps on that mound, they really step up their game and get the win. Maybe it's the fact that it's him on the mound, at that gives the team confidence. That just shows how dominant and reliable of a pitcher Cliff Lee is. He definitely has one of the best comeback stories baseball as seen, and he's showing that his pitching is Cy Young-worthy. Now with the NL Cy Young race, it's a little different. There are three people who are really in the race (for me at least). A lot of people are just looking at Brandon Webb and C.C. Sabathia as contenders, and it's almost criminal how often people ignore probably the most eligible contender of all! And that pitcher goes by the name of Tim Lincecum. Yes, it's true that he doesn't have 19 wins. But he leads the National League in ERA and strikeouts. He only has three losses and out of those losses, he's only had one outting that you can call indecent. His worst enemy is no decisions. He's on a team that has a just okay offense. When the team does get the job done, providing enough run support for Lincecum, it's usually only by a run or two. And that would be enough for Tim if he pitched a complete game ever time he started. But he usually only lasts 7 to 8 IP. Which is amazing to have as an average per start! The real problem is that the San Francisco bullpen effs Lincecum over 75% of the time. If San Fran had a sturdy bullpen, Lincecum would easily have as many wins as Webb. He's shown that he is easily the most dominant pitcher in the National League right now. He consistent. C.C. is good, don't get me wrong. Obviously, his record in NL proves it. But he hasn't had the whole season to prove himself in this league. For some people, what he's provided as of now is enough to award him the Cy Young. But I want to see how a pitcher lasts throughout the whole season. A strong performance every single time they come out on the mound. And that's what Lincecum has shown. Throughout his 27 starts, he's had one bad outting. And in that outting he still lasted 6 innings and only gave up 4 earned runs. But there are multiple outtings for Webb were he gives up 6 or 7 runs and only lasts 4 innings. I'm sorry, but that's not dominance. Especially when it's against teams that are under .500.